Title Iconworkshop classes

Beadwork classes take place monthly, normally on a Saturday morning between 10am and 1pm.

Class size is managed in an informal setting, to around 3-8 particpants at a time, to learn the techniques of stitching beads together to form jewellery or panels for decorating objects.

Each month I design a simple form and complex form tutorial and provide a guide sheet for students to keep together with their completed work.

Together, we shall cover a range of techniques including the popular styles of peyote and brick stitch composition, the creation of bead ropes, spirals and how to combine different bead arrangements.

My course sessions are carefully designed for beginners new to the techniques and range of beads as well as experienced beadweavers who wish to expand and elaborate on the core designs.

The cost is just £12 per session, to include light refreshments. To book, please call the number shown above.